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Resume Writing Tips: Take an Active Interest in Your Career!

Curriculum Vitae (CV) is an opportunity for you to personally advertise yourself to a prospective employer.

These tips will guide you in how to write a compelling CV that will present you and your professional experiences in the most interesting, unique and impressive manner. Let Pearl Hunter help you to get your foot in the door and maximise your chances of finding the job you love.

How to write a winning CV!

1. Try to stay away from writing Curriculum Vitae at the top of the page; it is obvious to employers what the document is.

2. When listing your previous work experience, always list your most recent role first.

3. Employers are interested in what you are doing now.

4. Keep your information relevant to the job you are applying for. If the information they need is not immediately apparent, they will not look for it.

5. Provide up to date contact details. Don't risk missing that important call.

6. Leave an appropriate email address for contact. Eg:- is NOT appropriate or professional.

7. Make sure that there are no spelling, grammatical or formatting errors - get as many people as you can find to proof-read your CV.

8. Layout and design should be legible, consistent and easy to follow, with good clear headings, large easy-to-read type face, such as Times New Roman or Arial.

9. Keep it as short as you can - preferably to two sheets of A4 paper (make sure the paper is good quality). Do not waste an entire cover page to introduce your name.

10. References? - Only include them if you're asked. It is standard to write 'available upon request'.

11. Do not include a photo unless required.

12. Don't forget to do a covering letter. Personalise and tailor this to respond to the criteria within the ad.

Writing a CV can be a very difficult process. However, as it is integral to the recruitment process, it is vital to get it right. If you're unsure or need help in writing a CV, contact Pearl Hunter HR Solutions today on +91-484-4020004 or email us on


• Make the best use of recruitment consultants
Building a relationship with a recruiter is an important way to promote your personal brand to employers. Recruiters are also a great source of information about employment and salary trends and, of course, the details of any job they put you forward for.
It is vital that you put maximum effort into your interactions with recruitment consultants. If you impress the recruitment consultant, he or she will become your advocate with the employer. And even if the initial role is not right for you, recruitment consultants that know your personal brand values will remember you when other relevant roles come along.
As recruitment consultants are engaged by an employer to find the right candidate for a role it is important to always be consistent with what you tell consultants and employers. For example, if you tell a recruitment consultant you will accept a certain salary but tell an employer a different figure you risk destroying your personal brand with both parties.

• Stay in touch with former employers
It’s vital you stay in touch with former managers and other referees to let them know when you are applying for a new role and if they will be contacted but also to project your personal brand values. Ensure you remain respectful of people’s time but provide updates about your skills and level of responsibilities where appropriate and congratulate others on their career wins. You never know who will be in a position to hire or recommend you.

• Make time for networking
There is no point in putting time and effort into cultivating a personal brand if you never put it to work. We advise keeping up with employment and salary news. Consider joining an industry association or professional group and attend functions or seminars when you can.
At least once a month make time for a coffee chat with someone who can help your career. Stay in touch with recruitment consultants you have had positive dealings with. Even when you are in a job, it pays to keep valuable contacts fresh.


Going for a job interview can often be an overwhelming and stressful experience. However, it need not be if you are prepared. Remember that an interview is not only for the employer to decide if you are suitable for the job, but also for you to decide if the job will be suitable for you.

Here are 7 hot hints to keep in mind before going for that all-important interview:

There is nothing worse than being late for an interview, and there is no need to be. The day beforehand, look up the address, check on public transport (if necessary) and allow plenty of time to get to your interview.

Take your resume and certificates. This should be in a presentation folder and include only the relevant information.

Make sure that you select an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and that is appropriate for the role and culture of the organisation you are seeking employment with. Remember first impressions last but you do not have to rush out and buy a new outfit.

Smile upon entry, look the interviewer in the eye and always give him/her a firm handshake. While some nervousness is understandable, beware of slouching in your chair, tapping your feet, nervous laughter and fidgeting.

Investigate the company thoroughly by surfing the web, reading the latest annual report, checking news articles, etc. This will show you are serious and enthusiastic about your application.

The key here is to be prepared. If you are asked a question you have not prepared for in advance, take a moment to think through and organise your thoughts before answering. Also, prepare questions to ask about the company or the role. This will emphasise to the employer how interested and enthusiastic you are about the job.

If you want the job - ask for it. Look the interviewer in the eye and say "thank you for explaining the position, I feel I have the right skills and I am very interested". Thank the interviewer for his/her time with a firm handshake. Make sure you clarify what follow-up action is to be taken after the interview.

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